Implementing a three-tier Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure involves creating classes and methods to represent the different tiers and their relationships. Here’s a simple example in Python:

In this example:

  • The Member class represents a member in the MLM structure. Each member has an ID, a name, and a list of downline members.
  • The add_downline method allows a member to add another member to their downline.
  • The MLMSystem class represents the overall MLM system and contains a list of top-level members.
  • The add_member method allows adding top-level members to the MLM system.
  • The display_structure method prints the structure of the MLM system, including all downline members.

You can extend this implementation to include additional features, such as tracking sales volumes, commission calculations, or more sophisticated member management functionalities based on your specific requirements for the MLM system.

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