This article guides you full steps of installation of Visual Studios, Python Programming Languages and Django Frameworks on Windows Operating System with 4GB Ram and 250 GB Memory Storage .

Follows all steps as listed below.

Step 1. Visit Url Visual Studio Download and Dowload for windows

  After Click Next Page will display as follow

After that VSCodeUserSetup…exe file be downloaded.

Step 2. Install this .exe file as normal software for window.

    Select: I accept the agreement and click Next 

Step 3. Browse folder location where you want to install VSCode Set Up. By default it will save in C: drive of PC. Click Next 

Step 4. Check Add to Path in Checkbox it is compulsory, If wish also check Create a desktop Icon and Click Next

Click on Install Button for Installation

Step 5. After Click on Installation button it stated installing as follow.

Step 6. Click on Finish Button and it will installed successfully.

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